In the front line for your company.

| What can I offer for the benefit of your company?

Commanding attention and being taken seriously is important. Someone with knowledge at trade fairs and congresses is essential for speaking authoritatively to your prospects in an adequate manner. Giveaways or brochures don't suffice if you want to discover the needs of your customers and properly present your company or product. Respect is the keyword. Therefore, having confident and thorough staff at your stand and desk is essential. 

I would like to be of service with commitment at your trade fair, congress or event as your marketing arm, your PR resource or stand ambassador.

| Who am I ?

My name is Maggie Teeling and over the years I have represented commercial companies at congresses, fairs and events, nationally as well as internationally. Prior to an assignment I examine your category of visitors thoroughly, to determine the best approach. I serve as a liaison between potential customers and your company.

I love people, travel, various cultures and assignments. Thinking in terms of possibilities instead of difficulties. I am inventive, creative and positive.

| Your company’s visiting card

I am the first contact point and therefore the visible face of your company.   I am versatile and flexibly available to Dutch companies abroad, or to foreign companies who wish to present themselves in the Dutch market. I have broad experience as contact point for various companies all over the world, from Singapore to South-Africa, Europe, Russia and America.                                       

| International Business Support

Due to my back ground in the travel sector, over the years I have learned to switch between various people, conversations and languages. Apart from Dutch, I also speak English, French, German and Italian.
You may expect me to have a professional and helpful attitude.

I am sociable, friendly and open, with the ability to empathize with the wishes of the client. Besides communication skills I also attach great importance to results and a sense of humour and I am able to pick up on your company’s message quickly. I can reach our national airport within one hour.