|Trade fairs, national & international :

  • On-site support, for the organisation as well as in communication with the exhibitors as supervisor/instructor of for instance promotion teams.
  • Sales assistant/fore woman as part of your team in the stand,  for engagement and qualification. Generating leads, but also make your visitors feel welcome.
  • Staffing the stand solo, with the proper preparation, is no problem at all.
  • "Walking the floor": with the information and visiting cards of your company I will visit the exhibitors chosen in advance for an introduction and exchange of information 

|Corporate hospitality :

  • Congress support, but also at fairs like a large personnel party or opening of your company with international guests.
  • Senior Hostess
  • VIP guidance

|Representative :

  • Are there customers or events abroad which require personal contact, but which are prevented due to lack of time or fear of flying? With a proper instruction I will go as your Personal Assistant. In this respect also think of the company opening of a colleague franchisee......
  • Matchmaking